Personal Nutritional Plan

For individuals with specific health concerns or wanting to find their most vibrant self.


£180 (valued at £225), includes an initial consultation (1.5 hrs), and 3 follow up appointments (45 minutes each)

Individual Meal Plans

While I always advise a consultation and nutritional analysis prior to defining specific meal plans I am available to provide you with meal plans tailored to your preference (such as paleo, low fodmap, gluten free, dairy free, traditional foods, elimination diets, etc)

7 day meal plan + recipes:

4 week meal plan + recipes:

Individual Appointments

Single Initial Consultation: 1.5 hours

Follow ups: 45 minutes

Intuitive Eating Plan

For individuals who are tired of diets, calories counting, macros, feeling controlled by food or thinking about food all of the time. Intuitive eating provides freedom from diets, calories, extensive planning and thinking. This is how we should all eat and how we are meant to eat. By tuning into our body and really listening. There are no food rules or diets here. Only building a healthy relationship between your body and mind and taking the emphasis off of the food so that you can be at one with yourself.


150 (valued at 180), includes initial consultation (1.5 hours) and two follow up appointments (45 minutes each).

Monthly Online Coaching

An initial consultation will allow me to understand your goals as I introduce you to some foundations of nutrition and it’s role in health, disease, and optimal living. You will receive a personalized meal plan along with appropriate supplementation and lifestyle recommendations.

By working together on a monthly basis, I can lead you to intuitive eating, healing and a vibrant self as we reach your goals with constant support.


£50 per month, chose from 8 month or 12 month plans The sustained contact on a monthly plan provides you with numerous benefits to help you achieve and maintain your goals while you build your knowledge and practice these changes.

Healthy Happy Pregnancy

For individuals who are wanting to prepare for pregnancy or are already pregnant. Nutrition prior to conception has just as much of an impact as nutrition during pregnancy. Designed to support and nourish from conception through pregnancy to labour (but very helpful at any point in your pregnancy) while optimally supporting your baby. Includes sacred foods for preconception and pregnancy, how to ensure optimal growth and development for baby, what to include and what to avoid for your best pregnancy.


180 (valued at 225), includes an initial consultation (1.5 hrs), which you can learn more about here and 3 follow up appointments (45 minutes each)

Nourished Mamas

Ideal for mamas, whether breastfeeding or not, to nourish you through the postpartum period. Nutrition and recovery after labour and delivery is often overlooked but is vital for recovery and mental, emotional and physical health. Designed for mama and baby’s optimal health and happiness.


180 (valued at 225), includes an initial consultation (1.5 hrs), which you can learn more about here and 3 follow up appointments (45 minutes each)


What you can expect:

There is no standard approach for each session. Everyone is unique and my approach with each person is individualized. To create a personalized plan I look at a number of underlying factors. This includes gut function, hormone balance, stress, hormones, endocrine system function, lifestyle, personality, past health history, diet, and any other circumstances. I take a detailed look at you, as an induvial to create your personal plan.


The initial Consultation: 1.5 hours

Once an appointment is made, I will send you a questionnaire, intake form and food diary to complete and return to me prior to the first appointment. The first consultation is one hour and can be face-to-face or by phone / Skype.  This session includes a detailed health history in order for me to learn more about your symptoms and underlying causes. Any recent blood tests from a Doctor or Specialist can be helpful to bring to the first appointment.

In the initial consultation I will recommend any dietary and lifestyle changes that would benefit you. I provide a meal plan and recipe ideas as well as recommendations for any supplements that would be appropriate for you

Follow Up Appointments: 45 minutes

These can be face-to-face or by phone/Skype.

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