Digestion pt 2, what’s gone wrong

The problem underlying all modern digestive disturbances and food allergies/intolerances is that the process of annihilation (which I talked about in Digestion Pt 1) is weak and incomplete. Therefore, we absorb undigested components that sicken us and cause a host of reactions (from indigestion to eczema to brain fog). Why is this process weak? Because most of what we eat today is not really food, it is pasteurized, homogenized, skimmed, low fat, GMO, hormone-treated, grain fed, irradiated, full of pesticides, herbicides, and lack flavor, aroma and nutrition. Our digestive systems do not recognize these things as food and it cannot be properly broken down.

For food to nourish us, stimulate digestion, give us energy and build up our bodies, it must be real. What is real food? Well I discussed what real food is here. Real food must also be grown with love, grace and insight. This is happy cows grazing on grass and carrots grown in healthy, fertile soil. Real food must then be prepared with knowledge and wisdom and eaten with love and reverence. Only then food is real and will stimulate our digestive juices and help create healthy bodies. The smell, aroma and flavor of real food is recognized by our digestive systems and calls forth the digestive forces.

The process of annihilation may be weak because our glands and organs are unable to supply a sufficient quantity of digestive enzymes. This happens when digestive organs - pancreas, liver, salivary glands are weak and overloaded (due to the Standard American Diet, stress and go,go,go lifestyle). These glands and organs often lack certain trace minerals, leaving us without certain enzymes for digestion. Enzymes are complex proteins that act as catalysts and each contain one molecule of a certain trace mineral. Unrefined Celtic sea salt and lacto-fermented foods provide trace minerals and enzymes to assist the body to digest food.

The ecology of our digestive tracts shows a connection between our external environment and the inner environment of our intestines (both small and large). Our intestines are full of a wide variety of live microorganisms that interact with each other and with the larger world around them. Intestinal microorganisms help digest food and are nourished by our food. They synthesize B vitamins, especially B12 using intrinsic factor (why B12 supplementation if useless unless you have a healthy gut). supply the bulk of our stool and secrete antibiotic type substances that protect us from infection. These microorganisms also interact with the intestinal wall to keep it healthy and perform its role as a semipermeable barrier. We pollute our internal ecosystem with external pollution of antibiotics, other drugs, processed food, alcohol, coffee, sugar, improperly prepared grains and pesticides. This leads to digestive weakness and leaky gut.

A leaky gut is a damaged intestinal lining and the underlying cause for many symptoms. A damaged gut lining admits into the blood stream foreign protein fragments, yeast cells, parasites and bacteria that do not belong and can trigger a number of reactions. An inability to breakdown proteins into the smallest components (process of annihilation) and a deterioration of intestinal lining due to use of NSAIDS, alcohol, candidiasis, intestinal parasites and hidden food allergies/intolerance's leads to a leaky gut.

Next, I will discuss the main causes and how to heal a damaged gut and digestive weakness.   


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