Digestion Pt 3, How to Heal Weak Digestion

Now that we have an understanding on how digestion works and what can go wrong we know that digestive weakness and commonly, a leaky gut, can be the cause for much of the symptoms experienced. These symptoms are not only restricted to digestive disturbances, they can include skin (hives, eczema), joints (arthritis), lungs (asthma) and others. We know how important strong digestion is for the health of our entire body and mind (every heard of the brain-gut connection?). So what should you do if you have weak digestion or a leaky gut?

For starters, you should work 1 on 1 with a nutritional therapist to undercover your unique digestive disturbances, what aggravates and to create a healing plan tailored for your individual needs.

To get an idea of what a healing protocol looks like and before you even meet with a nutritional therapist, you must stop polluting the inner ecosystem. Eliminate all dairy, wheat and gluten, alcohol, caffeine, sugar, and refined and processed foods. You may surprise yourself and feel better just from that, but there is more that is needed to repair a leaky gut and digestive weaknesses. If you do not properly heal the gut, your symptoms will continually resurface over and over again.

If given total rest from everything that irritates them, the individual microvilli on the surface of the small intestine will repair and regenerate. The length of time for healing depends on how extensive the damage is (another important reason you should work with a nutritional therapist). In order for total health to be restored to body and mind, healing must be complete and will be different for everyone. Elimination of all irritants, following a hypo-allergenic diet, and adding in healing supplements such as Vitamins A, C, E and glutamine will allow the gut to heal. This does not mean avoidance of certain foods forever, just until healing is complete. Through a slow and methodical reintroduction of foods, digestion will be strong and able to breakdown all real foods into complete chaos for use by the body.

Remember, healing is different for every person. Level of avoidance and restriction, length of time and amount of healing supplements is individual and a nutritional therapist will guide you to the best healing protocol for your body.

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