Give me a weekend….

I know, I know, weekends are supposed to be a time for you to let loose, have a drink, ….or two, let your eating habits relax. But, what does this really do? Come Monday we are tired, in a brain fog, have trouble getting going, need an extra cup of coffee or feel the Monday blues. This weekend I challenge you to have a quick weekend cleanse. No I am not asking you to fast, do a juice cleanse or go vegan for the weekend. I have a much more beneficial and achievable challenge.

Here are 5 things I challenge you to do this weekend (and I bet you feel better come Monday morning):

  1. No alcohol-I know, bummer, but you’ll survive. If you want to go have a drink to unwind after a weeks work, try stopping by the store on your way home and grabbing a kombucha. Poor into some fancy glasses, add a little ice and some berries or herbs such as mint or lemon balm, and voila! Yummy, gut healthy, feel good drink!
  2. No coffee- yes, may be tough, but without a few drinks on Friday night you should feel more refreshed and alert. Coffee is acidic, causes increased gastric dumping, contributes to IBS, allows yeasts to flourish and is actually full of toxins (yes we forget that coffee beans undergo herbicides and pesticides just like any other plant food that is not organic) Instead, have a warm mug of water with a half lemon squeezed into it. This alters pH, aids detox, stimulates digestion, and actually helps clear your skin!! Follow that with a herbal tea or herbal latte.
  3. Ditch the Saturday morning donut, or pastry. Instead, have a full Englishbreakfast, altered a bit. Yes I said that! Carbohydrates and sugar in the morning set you up for a blood sugar crash. Our insulin levels rise, immune system is suppressed, our hormones are altered, and you are honestly not that satisfied (unless you stuff yourself with many, leading to even worse problems). So, pull out that bacon, fry some eggs (keep your yolks runny for added benefits), add some veggies of choice (sautéed mushrooms, kale, and tomatoes are great sautéed in a generous amount of butter, ghee, or leftover bacon drippings), and top it off with some traditionally fermented sauerkraut (or any other gut boosting lacto fermented veg you may already have). The protein, fats and fat soluble nutrients of this breakfast will keep you full, without a sugar crash, give you the energy for a fun Saturday activity and supply your body with exceptional nutrition that a green juice can’t beat.

Even better of a challenge, try to go grain free for the weekend. It may be the added help your hormones, adrenals, thyroid or insulin levels need!

4. Throw out one beauty product that has a long list of ingredients you cannot even pronounce. Especially if you spot “parabens” or “sodium laureth sulfates”. Instead, go to your local health food shop and replace that product with a natural alternative. Great brands that I recommend are Weleda, Green People, and Dr. Bonners. Hint: a local farmers market almost always has a local handmade produc

5. No plans. Give yourself a break. In today’s world, life is go, go, go, often even more so on weekends. Our adrenals are overworked, stress levels are high, we need coffee and sugar as stimulants. This affects our body as a whole, endocrine system, nervous system, digestive system, hormones, mental and emotional states. Instead block off the weekend for a walk, a hike, or spending time in nature and a lovely meal with family and friends. Just slow down, enjoy being out in nature to ground yourself and enjoy quality time with loved ones. No deadlines, no agendas, no alarms. I promise you, you will feel rejuvenated come Monday morning.

See, I told you this wasn’t a weekend fast or juice cleanse. But every part of you will be thankful and you will just as good, or better than if you juiced up a few bags of fruit and veg.

Happy weekend!!

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