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There are supplements for everything and anything today. And to overwhelm you even more, there are hundreds of supplement companies. So, how do I choose what supplements I recommend clients and what supplements does my family take? That depends on the individual and the knowledge I gain from the initial consultation (nutritional analysis, health history, health concerns, stress, lifestyle, etc). But I do have a method to my madness.

While I do recommend working with a nutritional therapist for your individualized plan, there are some supplements that I do recommend for nearly everyone. These include probiotics, cod liver oil, essential fatty acids and a multivitamin of some sort. There are many different supplements, some of the best brands and ones I use are. Many of these supplements are practitioner supplements and can only be purchased with a practitioner code. Please contact me about these supplements.







Green Pastures

Perfect Supplements

What supplements do I take? At my current phase of life (1 year postpartum, still breastfeeding, planning on more pregnancies in the future) these are what I take each day (plus what my son takes):

Cod Liver Oil: Green Pastures Fermented Cod Liver Oil Butter Oil Blend. This is the wonder one! Provides a big punch of fat soluble vitamins A and D, which was found in primitive diets in amounts ten times higher than today. A supplement for everyone but a definite must for women and their male partners for several months prior to conception, for women during pregnancy and breastfeeding, and for growing children in small doses daily. Cod liver oil is rich in EPA and DHA omega 3 fatty acids, important for prostaglandin hormone production and proper functioning of brain and nervous system.  I take the cod liver oil, butter oil blend, which is high in Vitamin K, that works synergistically with Vitamins’ A and D. During pregnancy and breastfeeding I take 2 tsp per day. When feeling stressed or when my immune system needs a boost I take an extra tsp. I honestly feel more calm and level-headed 10 minutes after taking it.

My husband and I take this one. 1-2 tsp daily

My one year old son takes this one.  1 ml daily

Probiotics: Sorry to break it to you but nearly everyone has a compromised gut. Even if you eat the most nutrient dense diet, were born vaginally and breastfed and avoid all toxins, you still live in this world and breathe this air. Everyone can benefit from a daily dose of probiotics. Ideally, we would get all of our beneficial flora from fermented foods, but most people need more of that. It is advisable to work with a nutritional therapist to determine which probiotic is best for you. But a broad spectrum probiotic would be very beneficial. There are many great probiotics out there. A few that I have taken are:

Seroyal HMF

Prescript Assist

Garden of Life

My son takes this one or this one. Once he is done breastfeeding, I will give him this one.


Adrenal Glandular: It is nearly impossible for a new mom to have well-functioning adrenals. If you are someone who does not consume caffeine or sugar, gets adequate sleep, regular moderate exercise and experiences very little stress, I applaud you, but this is a rarity. The role of our adrenals is a conversation for another time, but low adrenal function can cause a range of problems such as fatigue, anxiety, depression, low thyroid, hormone imbalances, and gut issues. Postpartum depression and anxiety is unfortunately a common reality, often related to nutritional deficiencies and adrenal stress.  I began taking an adrenal glandular supplement a few months ago when I started to really feel the effects of months of broken sleep and my anxiety levels increasing. A glandular supplement takes a small amount of organ or tissue from an animal (spleen, pancreas, kidney, liver, adrenal, etc) to treat various conditions. Do not worry if you are vegetarian, vegan, or uncomfortable with consuming animal tissues, there are many herbals that are great for adrenals, such as ashwangadha, licorice root, maca, and ginseng.

This is the glandular I have been taking. I took this liver supplement while pregnant.

Prenatal Multivitamin:

Pregnancy and breastfeeding uses up a lot of our nutritional stores. Our body is amazing and will never take from nourishing your baby. Your body will start taking nutrients from tissues, muscles, and bones in order to provide for your baby. Therefore, it is very important to take a prenatal multivitamin prior to conception, while pregnant and throughout breastfeeding. There are many prenatal multivitamins I like.

Nutriadvanced Multi Prenatal

Biocare Antenatal 

Garden of Life


Invivo Prenatal Essential Packs

Even better, are these pregnancy and mama bundles from Perfect Supplements!!



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