What is Real Food?

Real food is Whole food.

In today's day and age there are so many nutrition and diet claims. It is nearly impossible to navigate through this land field on your own. What should you believe? What diet should you follow to help you lose weight, reduce your indigestion, keep you from being so bloated, get rid of your headaches?  To really understand what is causing your pains, you should work with a nutritionist to uncover the root cause and restore your wellness. With or without the help of a nutritionist to discover your perfect diet, it is important to eat REAL FOOD. But what is real food?

Real food is whole food. Real food is whole fresh fruit, not fruit in a can with syrup. Real food is fresh vegetables, not canned peas or corn. Real food is 100% whole grain bread, not Sara Lee bread. Real food is whole milk, not skimmed milk. Real food is you roasting a chicken and pairing with oven roasted potatoes and a green salad, not breaded chicken breasts, canned peas and potato wedges. Real food does not mean deprivation and restrictions. A real food, whole foods diet is pleasurable and satisfying.

The easiest yet most profound change you can make for yourself is to just eat real food. No boxed cereals, freezer waffles, frozen meals, or canned soups. From a different perspective, we can call real food the food your great grandparents ate. They didn't have the "pleasure" of modern convenience foods in this rat race world where your last thoughts are what to eat and what to feed your family for dinner. Nutrition and meals were of much more importance to our great grandparents because it was necessary to nourish and fuel without the negative effects such as bloating, indigestion, headaches and joint pain, commonly experienced today. The onslaught of convenience foods is robbing us of our best health. Nearly every disease and illness can be helped by changing your diet. The first step towards your most vibrant self is to eat real food.


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